Cutting-edge technology. Intellectual stimulation. Meaningful work. And a company culture that's second to none. We're looking for talented engineers in the roles below. If you're the best at what you do, come join us.

We are a small team of multi-talented engineers with interests in embedded design, radio, security, and aviation. We value diverse backgrounds and thinking, involvement in open source communities, and ensuring that engineers are equipped with high-quality tools and continuing education. Existing team members hail from UCSD, MIT, US Air Force, US Navy, and US Army.

All work is unclassified, on-site in San Diego, CA, with optional light travel. To apply for any position, please email with a resume and a project portfolio.

No recruiters, please.

Current Open Positions

Signals Reverse Engineer


  • Analyze signals from target systems and reverse engineer protocol stack components such as interleavers, scramblers, forward error correction (FEC), and modulation schemes.
  • Collaborate with a team of hardware and software engineers to productize results in a tactical electronic warfare system.
  • Stay on the forefront of modern wireless techniques and standards.


  • Extensive professional experience reverse-engineering modulation and coding schemes of proprietary wireless protocols.
  • Deep understanding of a range of FEC schemes including Turbo, LDPC, Polar, and convolutional codes.
  • Experience using algebraic techniques to perform analysis and blind parameter estimation of error correction and modulation schemes.

Useful Skills

  • Familiar with software-defined radio (SDR) frameworks and instruments.
  • Proficiency with mathematical analysis tools like SAGE, MATLAB, Maple, Mathematica, or similar.
  • Comfortable working in collaborative research environments like Jupyter and Git.
  • Familiar with modern wireless system standards and technologies such as OFDM, MIMO, CSMA-CA, WLAN, GSM, and LTE.
  • Basic familiarity with modern cryptographic tools and analysis techniques.