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Drone Forensics

SkySafe is the proven leader in all things drone forensics. From powering the UAV capabilities in the Covert Forensic Imaging Device (CFID) to providing comprehensive forensics services and training, no other company has the subject matter expertise and experience to best serve law enforcement and digital forensics experts.

Covert Forensic Imaging Device (CFID)

Drone detection is important, but what happens when an incident occurs? SCG Canada’s Covert Forensic Imaging Device (CFID) is critical to providing law enforcement and forensic experts the data needed to prosecute offenders. SkySafe partnered with SCG Canada to bring drone forensic capabilities to the CFID.

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Detect, Collect, Prosecute

No other company can provide world-class drone forensics capabilities. SkySafe offers this all-in-one approach to airspace awareness.

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Handheld Solution for the Field

CFID plugs into recovered drones to extract and analyze historical data.

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Prosecutor-Ready Reports

CFID generates detailed geolocation data and decrypted flight logs for easy reporting.

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Trusted Worldwide

Today, CFID is being used by investigators, law enforcement, and the military in over 34 countries around the world.

Deep Data Extraction

This forensic technology allows investigators to match metadata collected by SkySafe Cloud with flight logs, serial numbers, and other unique identifiers.

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Match the Drone to its Flightpath

The CFID ensures that experts are able to decisively conclude that a drone they have in their possession is the same drone SkySafe detected acting maliciously or illegally while in the air.

SkySafe Drone Forensics Training

SkySafe’s in-depth training curriculum focuses specifically on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) forensic analysis. As the sole provider of all UAS capabilities for the CFID, SkySafe is uniquely positioned to offer critical insight and training on every aspect of UAS forensics. Working closely with the Research & Development team responsible for these capabilities, SkySafe designed this hands-on course as a deep-dive into the entire UAS ecosystem.

Our goal is to go beyond just teaching students about the popular tools for data extraction and analysis, and instead provide examiners and analysts with the key skills needed to become subject matter experts in this discipline and obtain a SkySafe certification to back that up.


Topics covered in the beginner course include:

  • History and evolution of drone design
  • Platform variations, common (and uncommon) payloads, and associated provisioning applications (desktop and mobile)
  • Remote controller design and features as well as implications for range and detection across various protocols
  • Piloting and safety regulations, with a specific focus on key penalties for failure to comply, that are of interest to law enforcement
  • Best practices around seizure and recovery of UAS devices, including unique considerations for short and long-term storage, handling and transportation of recovered devices, and detailed information for performing UAS teardowns
  • A deep-dive into the large attack surface for data recovery across components of the UAS ecosystem and the associated implications for various types of artifacts
  • Hands-on labs with a CFID, detailed lectures around analysis techniques for extracted artifacts, and methods of evaluating pattern of life activity and associated threat potential
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SkySafe Drone Forensic Services

SkySafe provides first-in-class forensic services

Decryption of Flight Logs

Drone flight logs are uploaded to a secure server, allowing SkySafe experts to decrypt them.

Flight Log & Media Recovery

SkySafe accepts recovered drones in order to perform a full forensic extraction. Options include: flight log recovery, media recovery, and chip-off, among others.

Incident Response

SkySafe provides on-site incident response support for recovered drones. SkySafe examiners provide services such as the extraction of forensic artifacts, photography support, and a complete report.

For more information on SkySafe's Forensic Services, contact us.