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From drone defense to the secure integration of commercial drones in your airspace, we are committed to safer skies.

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The SkySafe Solution



Detect, identify, and analyze. From military and law enforcement to airports and public spaces, our industry-leading MM2 system technology is trusted to provide airspace awareness and control.



SkySafe is synonymous with drone forensic data analysis. As the world's leading drone forensics provider, we have a long history in reverse engineering, signals analysis, and data extraction.



Whether you're looking for historical airspace activity data or individual drone analysis, it's just a click away with our cloud-based system. Refine by drone identifiers, generate actionable reports, and more.

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Know Your Airspace

When clueless, careless, or criminal drone activity enters your airspace, you want to know about it. SkySafe's unparalleled technology allows us to support more and more organizations with their counter-drone (C-UAS) efforts every day.

A New Era of Drone Safety

SkySafe's core technology is built on a deep understanding of drone communication protocols. We don't just identify targets, we collect critical data to enhance threat analysis and assessment too. Beyond threats, we work to enable the safe deployment of commercial drones through proprietary technology, paving the way for a better future.

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Broad, Flexible Coverage

We detect a wide array of protocols and are constantly developing capabilities against emergent ones.

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Real Time Comprehensive Data

From location of UAS and controller to serial number, course, speed, and other critical details.

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Deep Threat Analysis

With RF data on threats, we develop immediate detection and mitigation techniques, ensuring rapid resolution.

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Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts when a drone enters your airspace.

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Future Forward Technology

Our next generation system seamlessly operates with tactical mesh networks.

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Safe Enablement of Commercial Drones

By tagging drones and importing their IDs, we reduce barriers for the commercial drone industry.

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Highly Capable. Highly Mobile.

Less than 25 pounds, needing only a standard battery for power, our MM2 is a uniquely mobile package.

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Cloud Access

Our clients can directly access reports on drone activity, analytics, and more in the cloud.

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The SkySafe Solution

Our cutting edge drone defense technology puts airspace control solutions at your fingertips.

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