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SkySafe Provides Added Security for Torrey Pines

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Quick Reference Guide: Drone Incident Response

This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is designed for anyone who in the capacity of their duties may be required to respond to a drone incident. This QRG incorporates data from INTERPOL’s Framework for Responding to a Drone Incident (January 2020), as well as standard practices around digital forensics, incident response, and crime scene procedures.
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Counter-drone Security for Stadiums

Counter-drone security for stadiums white paper
Drones are a modern threat to stadium security and require a modern solution. SkySafe Cloud allows your team to secure your airspace, prevent stadium damage, and keep fans safe.
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Counter-drone Security for Prisons

Drones make banned substances easily available and can introduce danger inside prisons everywhere. SkySafe Cloud provides comprehensive prison airspace management and prosecutor-ready reports.
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Counter-drone Security for Law Enforcement

Drones pose a tremendous threat to public safety. They have already been responsible for illegally moving arms, cross-border drug smuggling, and are capable of far more malicious activity. SkySafe Cloud gives law enforcement critical real-time drone data to resolve threats.
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Counter-drone Security for Critical Infrastructure

Counter-drone security for critical infrastructure white paper
Malicious drones have already attacked power plants, power grids, and courthouses. Does your critical infrastructure have a drone emergency response plan? See how SkySafe Cloud provides the plug-and-play solution to keep your critical infrastructure protected from drones.
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Counter-drone Security for Border Patrol

Counter-drone security for border control white paper
Drones make it easy for gangs and traffickers to smuggle objects and people across the border. SkySafe Cloud’s border patrol drone data and analytics system allows border security to detect, identify, track, and analyze threats to ensure drone security.
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Counter-drone Security for Airports

Every month, the FAA receives hundreds of reports of unauthorized drones entering restricted airspace. SkySafe Cloud gives airports the real-time drone data and analytics they need.
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