Drones — The Air Assault on US Prisons

drone flying over barbed wire fence

Drones — The Air Assault on US Prisons

September 7th, 2022

The headlines are almost daily now. US Prisons are facing an air assault by drones. Drugs, weapons, phones, and other types of contraband are being flown into prisons at a staggering rate. Prison officials are realizing that guards, gates, and guns are no longer sufficient forces to combat the threat of contraband.

Authorities in South Carolina are attributing the problem to gang activity. Lee County Sheriff, Daniel Simon is on the front lines, "These large drones can carry heavier and heavier packages… Our main focus is to stop contraband from entering the institution, and especially prevent someone from getting injured in the process."

These facilities MUST invest in an airspace awareness strategy. However, historically counter-drone technology has involved the purchase of expensive hardware that needs to be continually maintained. SkySafe Cloud offers a different option. The purchase of expensive equipment is not required, and implementation of the system is fast and efficient. Correctional facilities can be up and running in very little time. This type of resource is also easily scalable. Multiple facilities can be secured in one account and the drone data is comprehensive.

Read SkySafe's whitepaper: Counter-drone Security for Prisons to learn about the threats drones pose to correctional facilities and the measures that need to be taken to stop them.