Drone Detection

SkySafe is the only airspace security company to build a city-wide, drone-detecting sensor network. Now, you can detect, identify, track, and analyze the drones in your airspace without having to purchase and maintain expensive hardware. Simply login to the Cloud-based, SaaS platform to access real-time and historical drone data.

A New Era of Drone Safety

Without airspace awareness, responding to an unauthorized or malicious drone is a matter of luck. SkySafe Cloud alerts users to the presence of unwanted drones in real-time, so the proper countermeasures can be taken.

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Comprehensive Coverage

SkySafe sensors are expertly installed to ensure comprehensive airspace awareness. You are no longer limited to your property boundaries for drone-detecting sensor placement.

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Lifecycle of a Drone

SkySafe Cloud collects real-time and historical drone data. This provides visibility into the lifecycle of a drone. You can track where the drone has flown and when it was in-flight.

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No Hardware to Maintain

Standalone drone-detecting equipment needs to be located outdoors in order to be effective. These sensors require continuous maintenance and often need to be replaced after two or three years.

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Up-to-Date Advanced Technology

The benefit of Cloud-based technology is users always have access to the newest version of the software. Upgrades take place over time at no additional cost. On-premise technology typically has the same version throughout its lifecycle.

Time to Value

Gaining access to SkySafe Cloud can be instantaneous. Once our team has your requirements, we can provide access to the coverage in your airspace.

Robust Data Collection

From the location of the UAS and controller, to the serial number, course, speed, and other critical details, SkySafe Cloud provides robust drone data.