Keeping Drones Out of Prison Airspace

Keeping Drones Out of Prison Airspace

July 5th, 2023

With drones accessible to the general public, secure facilities like prisons are encountering skyrocketing cases of contraband, including cell phones, food, drugs, and weapons, from their airspace. This nefarious activity can create perilous situations for those inside and outside the prison walls. A report by the U.S. Department of Justice found that, on average, illegal UAV drops increase by 50% or more annually – a rate that continues to worsen.

Beyond delivering drugs to inmates, drones are also being used for more sinister plots, including fascinating escapes and dropping weapons that pose immediate threats to other inmates and prison staff. This has become a nightmare for surrounding communities, businesses, and schools.

In 2021, a drone meant to drop drugs at a prison in Virginia accidentally released the package onto the grounds of a nearby high school. The box containing several pounds of marijuana, tobacco, and other contraband was intercepted by school staff before reaching any students. Eliminating the potential for these drones to infiltrate airspace in and around prisons through drone tracking drastically reduces the potential for hazardous and sometimes fatal results.

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