SkySafe in Correctional News Magazine

SkySafe in Correctional News Magazine

October 7th, 2022

As drone use across the U.S. has grown, so have the array of ways to defend against these contraband-carrying threats to correctional facilities. CN recently reached out to SkySafe CEO Grant Jordan to see how his firm is stepping up to help facilities detect and deter today’s high-tech drones.

How has the drone threat to correctional facilities evolved in recent years, and how is SkySafe responding?

GJ: Drone technology is rapidly advancing, as is its personal and commercial use. According to the FAA, in 2020 there were 900,000 drones registered in the United States. In just one year that number nearly doubled with 1.78 million registered drones in 2021. With more people having access to drones, the opportunity for malicious and illegal activity is amplified. SkySafe’s cloud-based, counter-drone solution is helping correctional facilities to identify the drones in their airspace, including unauthorized drones that may be dropping contraband into their facility.

What do you think is the most important current trend with drone detection/deterrence in 2022?

GJ: Historically, drone detection required the purchase and maintenance of expensive equipment. SkySafe is helping to move drone detection to a cloud-based, SaaS model. Instead of having to purchase equipment, correctional facilities can leverage SkySafe’s city-wide sensor network to detect malicious drone activity. This means that facility managers can login to a cloud-based application to detect, identify, track and analyze the drones in their airspace. They see real-time and historical data, in addition to the location of the drone operator. Should a suspicious drone enter their airspace, managers will receive an alert notifying them of the intrusion.

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