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Drones — The Air Assault on US Prisons

September 7th, 2022 Drones — The Air Assault on US Prisons

The headlines are almost daily now. US Prisons are facing an air assault by drones. Drugs, weapons, phones, and other types of contraband are being flown into prisons at a staggering rate. Prison officials are realizing that guards, gates, and guns are no longer sufficient forces to combat the threat of contraband. Authorities in South Carolina are attributing the problem to gang activity. Lee County Sheriff, Daniel Simon is on the front lines, "These large drones can carry heavier and heav...

It’s Innovation Week at DFW Airport!

August 23rd, 2022 It’s Innovation Week at DFW Airport!

This week DFW Airport hosted its first ever Innovation Week and SkySafe was excited to be a part of it. This event is employee-centered and features keynote presentations, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. DFW is highlighting how their colleagues and partners drive change and offer opportunities for the team to learn and grow. SkySafe's CEO, Grant Jordan, participated in a panel session alongside Jason Williams, the Senior Innovation Implementation Consultant at DFW and Jason Byers, Assist...

Grant Jordan on Tacos + Tech

August 16th, 2022 Grant Jordan on Tacos + Tech

Grant Jordan, SkySafe's CEO, was a guest on the Tacos and Tech podcast this week. He shares how he found his way to the drone industry, how drones have evolved over the years, and how he turned his business idea for SkySafe into reality. "One of the keys to delivering real value to customers is trying to make sure that you don’t need to create a new role. No matter the industry nobody wants to have another person on the headcount just to cover this one particular area. So, I think it’s abou...