Stop Drone Contraband Drops

SkySafe has built comprehensive, drone-detecting networks to enable correctional facilities to identify, track, and analyze unwanted drones and stop contraband drops. Providing real-time alerts, SkySafe Cloud detects multiple types of drones without the need to acquire, install, or maintain expensive hardware

What are the advantages of SkySafe Cloud drone defense?

  • Hardware-free: Users avoid capital costs of purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment.
  • Operator Identification: SkySafe Cloud tracks the takeoff location of the drones as well as the operator's current location.
  • Acquisition: SkySafe Cloud offers immediate access to drone defense, without the delays inherent in ordering equipment from manufacturers and deploying it.
  • Access: With a cloud-based system, users can log in from anywhere.
  • Wide coverage area: SkySafe Cloud provides total coverage of designated facilities and allows for off facility deployment.
  • Tracking across multiple areas: SkySafe features an integrated network of sensors, so coverage is continuous, and the same drone can be detected at multiple locations.
  • Real-time Alerts: Receive alerts in real-time when an unauthorized drone is crossing into your facility.

"Contraband drone deliveries are quickly becoming the bane of prison officials' existence."

-U.S. Attorney Chad Meacham

Drone Forensics

SkySafe offers an all-in-one approach to drone defense. After an incident occurs, and a drone is recovered, SkySafe provides the tools and services to extract and analyze the drone's historical data. Detailed repots can be generated, offering geolocation data and decrypted flight logs to assist with prosecution.

*According to Zion Market Research

The predicted compound annual growth rate of the consumer drone market is 38.75% from 2023-2030.* With more drones available, contraband drops via drone will continue to rise.